Boot-up Speed and Application Performance

How important is boot-up speed and application responsiveness to the buyer experience? The answer is simple: the time spent waiting for a computer to boot-up or for applications to start-up is time wasted. Condusiv Technologies Solutions for Faster Boot-up Speed and Application Perfomance Slow performance leads to poor user experience and a negative image of a product.

In a corporate setting, boot-up and application responsiveness has a direct impact on productivity. This also amounts to a negative image and results in poor sales.

It is no surprise, then, that these problems are notable complaints of Windows users. As systems are used, and more applications and data are added, and profiles are changed, performance steadily declines.

Fortunately, there are efficient technologies that address these issues and keep PCs and laptops running like new.

Accelerated boot-up and application start-up

Condusiv’s ExpressCache® technology intelligently and automatically combines the best attributes of SSDs and HDDs without any effort or pre-requisite knowledge from the user, so users get the best of both worlds; dynamic performance and scalable capacity. Since SSDs as small as 4GB can be used, it provides an incredibly affordable solution for manufacturers.

ExpressCache key benefits include:

  • Significant reduction in boot times (up to 60%)
  • Extremely fast launch of applications
  • Extremely fast access to frequently-accessed data
  • Ability for the OEM to pin applications at point of manufacturer for optimal out of the box experience
  • Supports any combination of SSD & HDD, making it a far more flexible solution than Hybrid Hard Drives
  • Increases file system performance while maintaining the full safety and integrity of all system data
  • Provides superior overall performance than SSD systems at a fraction of the cost

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Condusiv’s HyperBoot® technology is an industry-leading software product that accelerates full computer start-up and boots completely into Windows. Test results using HyperBoot (as measured with Microsoft® Velocity Test Suite) have demonstrated up to over 30 percent improvement of "boot to desktop" and over 40 percent for "boot to complete."

HyperBoot operates completely in the background, requiring no interaction from the end-user and having no impact on system resources. Out-of-the-box speeds are significantly faster. Boot times normally lengthen as the computer is used, but HyperBoot maintains an optimal boot-up time over the life of the system by ongoing tracking of boot times. When warranted, the boot plan is updated based on actual I/O from recent boots.

HyperBoot key benefits include:

  • Significant reduction in boot-time
  • Automatically maintains optimal boot-times as system changes

HyperBoot works on netbooks, tablets, notebooks and desktop systems running Microsoft Windows 7 or XP operating systems, and can be applied to all existing and future laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and desktops.

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ExpressCache and HyperBoot are now available for license to OEMs and computer manufacturers for broad scale deployment.

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