Condusiv Technologies OEM Products

OEM Technologies

Condusiv Technologies is focused on enhancing the performance of computer systems, increasing the effectiveness and operation of storage systems. As a result computers using our solutions are faster, more reliable and longer lasting without competing with other applications or the OS.

Intently focused on these goals, we develop breakthrough technology solutions in response to the real-world problems of computer users. We offer solutions to slow boot speed, long application launch and data file access times and overall degradation of system performance. These products are offered as embedded solutions so that the system OEM can provide the fastest, most reliable, energy efficient systems possible.

Over the past three decades, Condusiv Technologies has developed significant expertise on the Windows based file systems which have resulted in performance improvements on all of the modern storage systems within a computer. This has resulted in OEM products for the following storage architectures:

  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) systems
  • Hybrid Systems – Combination of a discrete HDD and a separate SSD
  • Hybrid Drives – HDD and SSD in a single package and single interface.
  • Pure SSD systems

We service the entire range of computer Manufacturers including OEM, ODM, white box and System Integrators as well as component manufacturers on an OEM business model. Additionally, Condusiv selectably bundles its software with ISV’s and synergistic technology Partners to create robust solutions offering greater system performance, reliability and longevity.

Our products include:


  • Diskeeper® technology: Our flagship product used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies is the leading fully automatic disk defragmenter that also prevents fragmentation before it occurs by working in the background, saving energy and running without competing with other applications for resources. Diskeeper offers our OEMs improved performance and reliability for all the systems they produce.
  • HyperBoot® technology: Aimed at improving boot-up time in all types of Windows based HDD Systems, HyperBoot provides a better user experience from the moment it is installed and through the entire life of the system. OEM’s are experiencing on average 22% speed improvement in boot speed measured by stopwatch.
  • ExpressCache technology: ExpressCache provides the look & feel of a pure SSD experience at a fraction of the cost. By leveraging the extraordinarily fast read speed of a small density SSD and the high capacity and fast write speed of HDDs ExpressCache is able to offer 40-60% improvements in boot times coupled with both fast launch of applications and frequently used data files.
  • This product is a complete intelligent caching solution that combines the best benefits of SSDs and HDDs automatically. ExpressCache includes our Titan defragmentation Engine which keeps hard disk performance and consequently overall system performance at its peak for the life of the system.
  • By leveraging our expertise in the Windows file system Condusiv Technologies is developing products that improve the operation and longevity of pure SSD systems.
  • Condusiv Technologies has a roadmap with enhanced versions of our current products as well as new products addressing all types of storage environments including Hybrid Drives, SSDs only systems and tiered storage systems (local, network, cloud).

On the path to creating products, we have developed compelling, embedded technologies that are also licensed to ISV’s and OEMs to help them create original, robust and differentiated products:

  • InvisiTasking®: An ingenious task scheduler that allows an application to run in the background without competing for system resources with other applications or the OS. This technology is in use by all of Condusiv Technologies products to enable them to work, unnoticed, fast and efficiently. InvisiTasking can be licensed for incorporation into other software applications to experience the same advantages.
  • IntelliWrite®: IntelliWrite has created a new world of computing performance by preventing most of the fragmentation before it happens in all computer systems and extending this feature to all virtual systems.

Condusiv Technologies, is a privately held company headquartered in Southern California with offices worldwide.