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Software to Make Your Windows Servers Faster & More Reliable

Condusiv’s V-locity software is for IT Pros experiencing Windows performance problems such as users complaining or getting disconnected (on-site or remote), VDI instances requiring more capacity than available, backups taking too long, servers that are slow and laggy, applications timing out, missing SLAs, or other shadow-IT problems.

V-locity solves I/O inefficiencies at the source, transforming and streamlining I/O to make your Windows servers faster and more reliable, providing you:

  • Better application performance
  • Doubled VDI capacity overnight on the hardware you have
  • Improved latency and throughput
  • Reduced timeouts and crashes
  • Shorter backups
  • Faster data transfer rates
  • Extended hardware lifecycle

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The I/O Problem

As great as virtualization has been great for server efficiency, one of the biggest downsides to virtualization is that it adds complexity to the data path – otherwise known as the I/O blender effect that mixes and randomizes I/O streams. 2 severe I/O inefficiencies cause this:

Unhealthy IO Stream First, is caused by the behavior of the Windows file system. It will tend to break up writes into separate storage I/Os and send each I/O packet down to the storage layer separately and this causes I/O characteristics that are much smaller, more fractured, more random than they need to be.

Second, is storage I/O contention. This happens when you have multiple systems all sharing the same storage resource.

Your performance is not only penalized once but twice by storage I/O efficiencies. This means systems process workloads about 50% slower than they should on the typical Windows server because far more I/O is needed to process any given workload. This has been found to be the cause of a host of Windows performance problems.

Fixing the I/O Performance Problem

In order to achieve an ideal performance level from your hardware infrastructure, you want large, clean, and contiguous read and write I/Os from all sources, eliminating the I/O blender effect.

Larger, cleaner, sequential I/Os result in fewer I/Os to process and thus faster data transfer rates for peak performance. In such a case, you can have 1G of data, but instead of transferring it in 100,000 I/Os, you can accomplish it in 70,000, or less.

V-locity provides peace of mind by solving I/O inefficiencies at the source, no matter the back-end storage. The software is easy to use, installs in minutes and starts working right away solving performance problems. No need for new, expensive hardware.

V-locity Transforms and Streamlines I/O:

V-locity for your virtual servers transforms and streamlines I/O to make your Windows servers faster and more reliable.

V-locity accomplishes these improvements through proprietary technology that optimizes and streamlines with both reads and writes.

Network IO Write performance: IntelliWrite® patented technology eliminates small, fractured I/Os caused by Windows splitting files into multiple write operations. V-locity enforces large, clean, contiguous writes for more payload with every I/O operation.

Read performance: IntelliMemory® patented technology reduces read I/Os from storage by caching hot data server-side. Reads are cached right at VM level from otherwise-idle, available DRAM. Not only does this enormously decrease the I/O latency time, but it also decreases the I/O traffic to the storage unit, thus freeing up the storage bandwidth for other work.

Because of these substantial improvements, V-locity is able to regularly provide 30 to 40 percent faster data transfer speeds, eliminating a host of Windows performance problems.

Applications Benefiting from V-locity

Any application running on Windows can benefit from V-locity including MS-SQL workloads, Oracle, ERP, VDI, EHR (MEDITECH), Business Intelligence (BI) apps, CRM, Exchange, SharePoint, file servers, backup, and more. Customers typically report application speeds doubling or more.

“With V-locity I/O reduction software running on our VDI instances, users no longer have to wait extra time. The same is now true for our other mission-critical applications like MS-SQL.” - Joseph Navarrete, New Mexico MFA

“SQL queries are considerably faster, and workloads previously processing 3GB of data within a 24-hour period are now processing 9GB within the same period. And backups? They used to run at 10MB per minute and sometimes didn't complete at all. Now they run at 60-120MB per minute, and complete successfully." - Adam Moore, Bell Mobility

“Typical IT administrators respond to application performance issues by reactively throwing more expensive server and storage hardware at them, without understanding what the real problem is. Higher education budgets can’t afford that kind of brute-force approach. By trying V-locity I/O reduction software first, we were able to double the performance of our LMS app sitting on SQL, stop all complaints about performance, stop the application from timing out on students, and avoid an expensive forklift hardware upgrade.” - Rich Reitenauer, Alvernia University

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