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I/O Tranformation Software for Virtual Servers

Seamless Deployment and Management

V-locity® comes bundled with a web-based Management Console, enabling seamless deployment and centralized management of V-locity on-premises in a virtual or physical environment—or even in the cloud.

With central command and control of assets, licenses, configuration, and performance management, administrators can deploy V-locity to thousands of VMs and/or physical servers in just five clicks, manage a large number of licenses through a web-based interface, and support various pricing models.

  • Fast, non-disruptive deployment of V-locity even in the most complex environments – no reboots required
  • Easy license and asset management across a wide range of environments and locations
  • Support for various license models (perpetual, enterprise site licenses, or subscription-based)
  • Ongoing performance validation

Running a POC with V-locity 7 - Everything you need to know

V-locity’s management console provides I/O performance monitoring, giving administrators visibility into key I/O metrics to explain workload behavior across different applications—greatly reducing the burden of troubleshooting and tuning for performance.

Asset Management Configuration Management Performance Management
V-locity provides automated discovery of physical servers and VMs, and also provides CPU core, host and license discovery. Spend less time and resources on managing assets and more time on the work that matters. V-locity provides central command and control to install, configure, and manage V-locity products for mid-size to large scale deployments. Administrators can choose presets or configure read and write I/O optimization and create admin-defined exclusions if necessary. Admins can also configure Reporting and alerts by recent activity or workload, schedule ad-hoc reporting by VM or groups of VMs, and receive email alerts by VM or groups of VMs. V-locity reports on I/O performance from VM to storage and back and provides before/after performance reports to validate V-locity ROI. With this level of visibility, V-locity enables administrators to quickly validate application performance; identify and solve I/O performance problems; ensure that applications, VMs, servers, and storage are running at peak performance; proactively manage application SLAs with email alerts set to customized performance thresholds; and access reports on an ongoing basis to measure the value of V-locity.
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